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Me and my wife have been doing hijama with Br. Fahad and Sr.Haleema for last two years. Alhumdulillah it has been such a great experience. We both feel so fresh and revived after the procedure. I would like to share my personal experience as I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, enlarged liver and problems in functioning of kidneys. I made it a habit of doing hijama monthly. After a couple of months, I had my tests done and Alhumdulillah had all my reports normal and in range. I advice all my friends in the community to have hijama done regularly, feel young and avoid unnecessary expenses in hospitals. I recommend everyone to revive this beautiful sunnah of Prophet Mohammed S.A.W in our lives for health and Barakah.
Our last two appointments were with Br. Ahmed Yusuf and Sr.Saman Ayaz and Sr.Farhana Rizvi. Masha'Allah we both appreciate their zeal in doing their job. All thanks to Fahad and Haleema for training them to perfection otherwise we would have missed you both.

Hafiz Ilyas and Family,
Des Plaines.
Posted By: Imam Hafiz Ilyas
Imam and Teacher, des plaines IL
Salam, Just came back after getting hijama done by Sister Saman in Des Plaines. Alhamdulillah it was such a good experience, she is very knowledge and has a very good grip on the procedure. It was my first time getting it done so I was a bit nervous but her friendly style and atmosphere put me to ease and I didn't feel anything. She didn't rush anything and let me have my time. Later on, I feel so relaxed and fresh. Highly recommend getting Hijama done. 5 stars to sister Saman. <br />
Posted By: Majidah Qureshi
Assalam alaikum,

We had a wonderful experience performing hijama done by Br.Fahad Ahmed and Sr.Halima Ahmed. We are extremely happy with their expertise. We feel energetic after the hijama was done. We strongly recommend all the Muslim umma to have this Sunnah performed at Chicago Hijama . Jazakallah Br. Ahmed .
Posted By: Khan Family
I have received immense benefits from my first session of Hijama, such as more energy, better deep sleep, better digestive system, more flexibilty & better blood circulation and overall feeling energetic and wonderful. I wish the whole world was aware of this procedure.

Sister H. Ahmed is a great icebreaker and puts one to ease. She is a good listener and communicates very well. She keeps you in conversation by educating patient before, during and after the Hijama.

May Allah bless her for her great services to mankind.

Looking forward to my second Hijama session

Posted By: Raana Butt
Lincolnwood, Il
Sister Halima was a compassionate, knowledgable, and skilled practitioner. Her explanation and expertise in the way she did the cupping was greatly appreciated. I was very nervous when I came as this was my first experience. However, I quickly fell at ease when I had a great connection and trust for Sister Halima. I was laughing, joking, and talking the whole time. When I was finished I felt light and breezy like a load had been lifted off my shoulders. I was not weak, light headed or tired. I was fresh and energetic and took a nice long walk outdoors before going home. Since my treatment I see that my most acute symptoms of lower back pain and a toothache have completely resolved in 24 hours following treatment. I plan to return for a second treatment in a month. You will not regret having hijama done at this center.
Posted By: Shahnaz S
Makeup artist and stylist, Baltimore, Maryland
it was my first session for Hijama with Sister Halima.<br />
it was good experience, Sr Halima was very nice and professional , she knows what she is doing, she make you comfortable to prepare you for the session.<br />
the waiting room and the whole place is very clean.
Posted By: bouchra Chtioui
social worker, Chicago, IL
Assalam o Aliekum
Awesome experience of Hijama by sister Halima , she was amazing and very nice in person love talking to her too & learned more about Hijama ,will continuing to do twice a year In shaa Allah.
Posted By: Sajida Gaba
Home maker, Plainfield IL
I had a wonderful experience from the moment I walked through the door. Sister Halima is knowledgeable and she makes you feel comfortable. I feel more refresh and the condition of my (facial) skin has improved. May Allah reward Halima and her family and us all for reviving this beautiful and beneficial sunnah of Our beloved, Nabi....Ameen
Posted By: Ikhlaas Abdul-Haqq
This was my first hijama session and sister Halima did a wonderful job. She thoroughly explained everything before hand and made sure I felt comfortable throughout the whole procedure. She was also very gentle and had a very light hand as well! I would totally recommend her to anyone wanting to having a pleasant hijama experience! And the waiting room was very clean and welcoming as well. Thank you Sr. Halima!
Posted By: Zaynab Heidary
San Francisco, California
I had multiple sessions with dear sister Halima and it was amazing. She is very polite and gentle during the whole process in a very spiritual environment where she guides you what to recite to get more benefits out of this whole experience.

I would definitely recommend it to everyone to atleast try it once. It's worth it, plus you will be reviving a forgotten sunnah. May Allah reward them for this effort, Aameen.
Posted By: Kishwar Fatima
Elizabethtown, KY

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