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During the fall of 2014, I finally had hijama done for the first time. After searching different places, Chicago Hijama was the one I felt at ease with because of their many years of experience. Once I got there, my feeling of ease was confirmed by the gentle and reassuring nature of the person performing it on me as well as the fact that the place was very hygienic which is extremely important when dealing with different people and blood; cups are not reused, floor and surfaces are clean , items are neatly organized.

After I had hijama done, I was immediately able to observe a difference in the sharpness of my eyesight. Alhamdulilah!

I've been telling my friends about Chicago Hijama and I plan on going back inshaAllah.
Posted By: Zeinab Bakary
I Was suffering from tension headaches. Alhamdulilah getting hijama done by a professional really helped me. My headaches are gone and I no longer feel pain all thanks to sister haleema apa. If you do it with the intention of following upon a sunnah Allah will help you.
Posted By: Khadija Lakhi
Mashallah amazing experience with following the sunnah way. Very professional and loving environment. May Allah s bless the couple who do this work and give infinite reward every second them. Spend on their patients
Posted By: faheem zaheerullah
homemaker, Skokie Il
Alhumdullilah my Hijama experience was just amazing. Halima and her aqeeda is a big part of my experience, she is an angel, so comforting and patient, Masha'Allah. I was 100% confident about Hijama because it's the sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammed(PBUH). I have several issues, I have Hypothyroid which contributes to lots of aches and pain and other symptoms, I have a rotator cuff tear in my right shoulder, I have both knee pain, knee surgery on my left, I had tendonitis on my right Achilles. Masha'Allah every single time I had Hijjama done I feel better and better. I had so much toxicity taken out I immediately feel the difference from head to toe, my eyesight feels more powerful, I felt the fog has lifted from my brain. Recently this was my 4th Hijama 90% of my aches and pains are gone Alhumdullila, I can climb my stairs up and down very easily without pain now, my tendonitis has been resolved, my shoulder has been feeling much stronger. I'm very thankful to Halima and Fahad for offering Hijjama and their good work. Jazak'Allah.
Posted By: Farhana Fatima
I have had Hijama done twice in the last two months- Sister Halima is the best! When I went the first time i did not know what to expect went there on recommendation of a very close family friend. First off as soon as I walked in the place was SO CLEAN and well kept that itself put me at ease immediately. When it was time for my appointment I was greeted by sister and she is such a nice person and so sweet Mashallah. We were talking the entire time like we have known each other since ages. The hijama session was painless and not too long. Alhumdulilah I can see a difference in the ailment i went for and went back a second time and plan to go till I feel completely better.
Whether you have health problems or not should definitely give hijama a try for overall wellness and healing.
Posted By: Sarah S.
This was my first time getting Hijama done and can I say, WHOA! I wasn't expecting to see what came out of those cups! I was SO NOT expecting what I saw. It looked toxic, that's all I have to say and everyone needs to get Hijama done! Immediately. As soon as the Sunnah cup was removed the room just brightened up, exactly what our Nabi (saw) said was one of the benefits. The next day I felt like I had more energy, less stress, more focused. The place is impeccably clean and serene! I would recommend their services to anyone and everyone. MashaAllah Sr. Halima, keep up the great work. I felt as comfortable and as safe as if I was in my own home. Looking forward to many more visits.
Posted By: Sophia Hamid
Student / Personal Trainer, Chicago, illinois
As Salaamu Alaikum! I experienced my first Hijama session in October of 2014. I prepared for the procedure as directed in the email. My session was relaxed and pleasant. The reception area was immaculate with Prayer Mat in place if needed. The Hijama itself was painless. When I awoke the following morning I felt great and experienced the uplifting feeling for a few days after. I intend to continue the Hijama as part of my regular Spiritual and Physical Health regimen. Brother Fahad Ahmed is very professional and explained the procedure thoroughly. I was received by his son Abdullah who was very cordial and welcoming. I have recommended the Hijama to others, in shaa ALLAH.
Posted By: Imam Haj Seth T. Ibrahim
Retired, Chicago
I recently had Hijama done from Sr.Halima. i feel energized and calm after Hijama. I used to suffer from back pain a lot , after hijama most of the pain is gone even though i didnt get the lower back hijama, mine was first time general visit. Its a Sunnah and everyone should get Hijama done , not only does Hijama makes you feel good it also brings Blessings in your life. My general mood after Hijama has turned to Happy and relaxed and worry free. It brings calmness in you thats what i have felt deeply. May Allah give Beautiful reward to Sr. Halima for spreading this Sunnah and bless her family with The power of Imaan and happiness in their lives.
I will for sure be coming back periodically Insh aa Allah..
Posted By: NS
I had a wonderful Hijama experience. Sister Halima is so patient and really kind to speak to. The first time I performed Hijama, I felt extremely relaxed and my body was energized. It's true that Hijama brings great comfort to our mind and body as well. I was glad to do it because of Sunnah..but to tell the truth, Hijama controlled my blood pressure and my glucose levels. I was amazed to see the difference in my body. Also, due to my severe abdominal pain for over a year, I was nervous to get endoscopy. But after I did Hijama, my endoscopy results were absolutely normal, Subahnallah. May Allah reward Sr. Halima for her hard work and her encouragement.
Posted By: Nusrat Fatima
Lombard, IL
I went in to this procedure very skeptical, yet somewhat hopeful. However, once I met brother Fahad, I had a very soothing feeling that reassured me I was in great hands. Alhumdullilah the procedure was painless and did help lighten up my mind and body a decent amount. I was having many different symptoms of constant aches/pains, weight gain, lethargy, anxiety and strange illness, which definitely seemed to be fairly alleviated from Hijama. MashAllah Brother Fahad did a fantastic job of educating me and comforting me at the same time, which made the experince twice as humbling. He reccomended me to have the Hijama done atleast 2 more times this year, since my first session was not as intensive and I am truly excited to go back again. I am very hopeful that my next few sessions will help with my symptoms more rigorously iA. InshAllah may Allah (SWT) grant others the opportunity to experience the blessings of this Sunnah. I highly reccomend you make an appointment for you and your loved ones as soon as possible! Salam
Posted By: Soban H. Shah
IT Analyst, Bartlett, Illinois

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