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This was my first hijama session and sister Halima did a wonderful job. She thoroughly explained everything before hand and made sure I felt comfortable throughout the whole procedure. She was also very gentle and had a very light hand as well! I would totally recommend her to anyone wanting to having a pleasant hijama experience! And the waiting room was very clean and welcoming as well. Thank you Sr. Halima!
Posted By: Zaynab Heidary
San Francisco, California
I had multiple sessions with dear sister Halima and it was amazing. She is very polite and gentle during the whole process in a very spiritual environment where she guides you what to recite to get more benefits out of this whole experience.

I would definitely recommend it to everyone to atleast try it once. It's worth it, plus you will be reviving a forgotten sunnah. May Allah reward them for this effort, Aameen.
Posted By: Kishwar Fatima
Elizabethtown, KY
Assalam Alaikum wrwb, I love the Hijama experience with sister Halima. Even though I only had one session yet, but still it makes me feel really good. Can't wait for my next session. May Allah (swt) reward them for that. Ameen
Posted By: saher
Software Engg, chicago
My family experienced a very comfortable and spiritual Hijama experience with brother Fahad and sister Halima. We are feeling better and recommending our muslim brothers and sisters to get hijama done here and benefit from this aesthetic experience. Jazakallah khair to Chicago Hijama. May Allah bless you and your family. Insha'Allah We will visit you again.
Posted By: Farooqi family
Self emplyed, Lombard
Alhamdulillah it was a great experience I will give 5 star out of 5 star. Jazakallah brother Fahad for allowing me to revise the sunnah.
Posted By: Samir Hafezy
Quran Teacher
Give your body a gift!

If you want to give your body a great gift, you have to make an appointment and do it as soon as possible.

I've been doing Hijama for many years and this time was one of the best experience for my body.

Very organized place and professional! Don't forget to drink from the water that they made
Posted By: Bassam
Assalam Alaikum wrwb, I love the Hijama experience with sister Halima. Even though I only had one session yet, but still it makes me feel really good. Can't wait for my next session. Sister Hhalima and her husband also helped me over the phone and took time out of their busy schedules to listen to my problems and I really appreciate that ... May Allah (swt) reward them for that ... Ameen
Posted By: Amber Ahmed
Works in retails, Hanover park Chicago il
When I first heard about Chicago Hijama, I didn't know what hijama was, what it's procedure was, nor its benefits. I saw a YouTube video of the procedure, which made me hesitate to continue... but then I went on the Chicago Hijama website. Just reading about how the Nabi (s) encouraged this (and even the Angels!) and seeing the multiple hadiths about it, pushed me to book a session. Making an appointment on the android app was a breeze, and the app also helped clarify the remaining questions I had. Everything is explained thoroughly, from what to do before and after getting Hijama done, to what the process entails and its many benefits. In my session I was scared at first, but Sister Halima was easy to talk to and very considerate; she was also extremely knowledgeable and kept me engaged throughout. I didn't feel any pain and the time just flew by! I felt immediately lighter and less tense afterwards. Alhamdulillah, the whole process, from start to finish, is professional, simple, and reliable. Please try it for yourself, you won't regret it iA.
Posted By: Sumbul Iqbal
ALHUMDULLILAH ..... I had a great experience having Hijama done by Dear Sister Halima... she is very humble and kind and knows her work very well. The place is very clean, feels like a spa. Yesterday was my 2nd session of hijama with her.
Feeling a-lot better & relaxed .... ALHUMDULLILAH.
Posted By: Faiza Ahmed
homemaker, minooka, il
I am a medical student and just got Hijama done for the second time. It has really helped me to concentrate and stay focused for long hours. After Hijama I feel like my mind is clear. I feel fresh and energized.

Procrastination is a thing of the past!

Brother Fahad is awesome... He is so easy to talk to, very professional, and he knows what he is doing. The whole process was easy and painless. His set up is very nice and clean. The reception area is equipped with massage chairs and zam zam water. The environment will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.
Posted By: Nabeel Ahmed
Student, Bolingbrook IL

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