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Salam, It was a pleasant experience doing hijama with sister Haleema. She is a wonderful petson with lots of info. I have done hijama three times so far and planning to continue doing it for my migraines, sinus & inner ear. It is so benificsl that with word it's hard to explain. You need to try it. I felt so good my number of migraines came down from 9-10 to 5-6 a month, so plz try them and u will feel the difference.
Jazakallah khair !
Posted By: Aisha Ghazanfar
Home maker, Hanover Park IL
Getting hijama done at Chicago Hijama was one of the best experiences ever. Mr. Fahad was courteous and professional. He listened to me patiently and performed the hijamah that resulted in me feeling energetic and fresh almost immediately. My experience was so good, that I took my mother and my brother to get the Hijamah done. Inn-Shaa-Allah, I plan on making this a regular habit as I feel immensely satisfied knowing that I am following the Sunnah.

Hijamah is yet again one of the Sunnah's of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu-Alai-hi-wa-sallam (peace be upon him) that has tremendous spiritual, physical, emotional and mental benefits. Every Muslim should practice this Sunnah and benefit from it, both physically and spiritually.
Posted By: Amir
IT Professional, Chicago
Alhumdulillah! It makes me feel spritually uplifted to have accomplished the sunnah of our beloved Rosoolallah (pbuh). Alhumdulillah it was a great experience to have Hijama done, the place is very clean and professional. Sr. Halima was very calm and educational during the whole process. I would definetly go back and also recommmend it to my friends and family. Sr. Halima good job!!

Mrs. Ahmed
Posted By: Mrs. Ahmed
Skokie, Il
I wud recommend every muslim or non muslims to do hijama from Chicago Hijama best service best environment everrr barakAllah fee it was amazingggly done with peacfull place
Posted By: Haifa kaleem
House wife, 5736 reba st
My comments are all positives including the place, the smells of the house is so good that it reminded me of my sweet home. The practitioner is professional and knows what he is doing. I thank you brother Fahad for Hijama session. I'll do it again next time inshallah.
Posted By: Saeed Aldawsari
Bowling Green, KY
Feeling blessed satisfied after getting Hijama done by Brother FAHAD. This was my first Hijama and ALHUMDULILLAH my decision in choosing this clinic cause whatever I read in reviews before going there I found everything better than I was expecting. There presentation,IKHLAQ,and way of treatment is so good.MAY ALLAH bless them with a lot more and more.
Posted By: Kashif raza
commercial transporter, chicago Illinois
ASA,few days ago I had hijama done for the first time by sister Halima. Alhamdolillah it was a great experience overall. MA the hijama clinic is extremely clean which made the first good impression and I felt very comfortable even before talking to sister Halima. The actual hijama treatment was absolutely amazing, I have been feeling more relaxed and energized since I got this done. One thing I m loving is I have been waking up so fresh and active in the morning. Sister Halima is very detailed and thorough, she explained things clearly. I would recommend Hijama treatment and Chicago Hijama team to everyone. I have been spreading the word in my family and few people already made appointments. JazakAllah sister Halima for doing such a great job☺. I will definitely be coming again IA.
Posted By: Sana Ahmed
As-salaamu 'Alaykom,
My Hijama appointment with sister Halima was absolutely wonderful. Very professional, clean, organized. Masha'Allah. Initially before going, I was a bit nervous and apprehensive because this was my first hijama experience. But I kid you not, within two seconds of walking into the home, I felt at ease. The scents were so calming and welcoming. The place is immaculate and Sister Halima is the most comforting, genuine soul masha'Allah. She is so authentic and kind and she really made me feel at ease. She listens intently and sincerely to everything you say and share. She just makes the whole experience so wonderful. She made the entire experience as painless as possible. I've suffered from a chronic illness for quite some time, and honestly I felt so light and at ease right after the hijama. I haven't felt so calm before. I'm actually really looking forward to future sessions insha'Allah. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who is in pain, anyone who is struggling in life. What better therapy and solution than to follow the Sunnah of The Rasulullah (PBUH). It absolutely affirms my belief that there is no greater shifa/healing than that which comes from Allah swt and following the Sunnah.

Both sister Halima and her husband Fahad are the most genuine, kind and compassionate people. They really care about your well-being and they show it through their words that are congruent with their actions. They check in on you to make sure you're doing well. They are such wonderful people, Masha 'Allah.

JazakAllah khair to you both. May Allah protect you and preserve you. May He bless you with all that brings you strong health and happiness in the dunya and akhira insha'Allah. May He fill your lives with baraka and swift shifa'. Allahuma Ameen.
Posted By: Dina S.
I had my second hijama before going for umrah sister Halima told me that i will have more energy while in haramain. She was so right i could not believe it. I was very active during my trip. She also gave many good tips regarding umrah. I prayed for her the whole time. The environment where she performs hijama was so serene she made sure that i was comfortbale the whole time. I would highly recommend for people who are going for Haj or Umrah to get Hijama done.
جزاك الله
Posted By: Husna Mehmood
Chicago, Illinois
Alhamdulillah, Experiencing the Sunnah way of treatment - Hijama, was awesome. When I evaluate this logically, major changes took place on the health side. I could feel more energy and my short-term memory improved noticeably. A healthy mind in a healthy body' is right, and Hijama seems to get you there, without the side-effects of chemicals. This is the Sunnah way and it has to work. This is my basic belief. I believe this should be an ongoing engagement and not a one-time experience, based on your health conditions and recommendation from brother Fahad. Belief in the Sunnah practice and trust in the Practitioner are keys to getting desired results. I went in with absolute confidence and making Dua to Allah SWT to provide me with health and am very happy with the results. The facility is ultra clean and brother Fahad is very knowledgeable and friendly. He listens to your issues with patience and treats with compassion.
May Allah SWT reward him for all his effort. Looking forward to my next appointment :-)
Posted By: Zakir Gulamali
Software Engineer, Lombard, IL

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